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Post by Fucking_Gangster » Thu Jun 07, 2007 2:50 am

I am going to replace the Hard Drive in a lap top from a 40 gig to a 120 gig, Do you recomend upgrading to Vista from xp when performing this upgrade?

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Post by hal_nesbitt » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:07 pm

It all depends on what you will be using the laptop for. If you are planning on migrating all of your current programs, then you need to check compatibility. There are still an awful lot of programs that will not run on Vista (for example, I am running Photoshop CS, which will not run on Vista, so I would need to upgrade to CS3, and I ain't got the loot.) Most major software companies are releasing patches, but I think it will be at least 6 months or so before everything is really integrated. I would suggest XP for now, but if you plan on starting fresh and getting all new software, then go with Vista.

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